Seven ways to stay healthy during the summer

The heat of the summer months can make it challenging to get outside, get active and stay healthy. And we understand how important it is for our residents not only to stay healthy and active, but to be able to do so in a way that is comfortable for them. That is why Meadow Oaks of Roseville Senior Living offers the Vibrant Life® program. This innovative program gives residents a plethora of fun and engaging opportunities to not only safely beat the heat, but also have fun doing it! 

Our Vibrant Life® program consists of seven core components to provide well-balanced and meaningful experiences for all of our residents. Through a holistic approach, Vibrant Life® addresses what it truly means to have healthy well-being. Here are the seven fundamental pillars of our approach:  

  1. Be Inspired: This area of our program focuses on mental and spiritual practices. Since this looks different for each person, we also use this as an opportunity to celebrate diversity among our residents and their various walks of life. 
  1. Be Well: Here we like to focus on nourishing both our minds and bodies. A key way we do this is by the food we eat to fuel our bodies. With healthy, individualized eating choices, residents can “be well” in a way that’s just right for them. 
  1. Be Challenged: There’s no better way to grow and foster an energized life than by stepping outside your comfort zone. We strive for our residents to challenge themselves in everyday life to achieve their personal goals and keep reaching new limits. 
  1. Be Adventurous: At Meadow Oaks of Roseville, we love to take any opportunity to break our everyday routine and keep life exciting. With a long list of outdoor excursions, our residents have opportunities to take part in some lively activities. 
  1. Be Family: We believe meaningful relationships and community are a key part to living a Vibrant Life®. That’s why we do our best to integrate “family” into our residents’ lives. When we’re able to create meaningful moments together, our community bonds are strengthened. 
  1. Be Social: Of course, we love to have fun at our communities. By laughing and smiling together, our residents can create meaningful friendships to experience everyday life with. 
  1. Be Connected: Our residents’ sense of belonging extends even beyond their immediate homes, to the surrounding community as well. From being a part of local advocacy groups to volunteering with various organizations, our residents are able to stay active right here in Roseville. 

Whether it’s the middle of winter or the heat of summer, Meadow Oaks of Roseville strives to encourage adventure, wellness and so much more. As we like to say: “Be You. Be Vibrant.”