Ideas for safe outdoor activities this spring

Here at Meadow Oaks, we’re so excited to finally be moving toward spring. The thought of being able to spend more time outside is like a breath of fresh air!
Here are a few ideas for activities you and your family and friends can do outside this spring, while staying safe and socially distanced.

  1. Outdoor wine tasting picnic – Have each person bring a bottle of wine for the group to try. Have the host hide the bottles and pour samples for everyone, then ask guests to guess which sample came from which bottle.
  2. Art – Create a masterpiece with chalk on your sidewalk for the neighborhood to see, or bring the supplies outside to paint a beautiful picture to hang in your apartment.
  3. Charades – This game is fun indoors and outdoors. Spice it up by adding different rounds, like a round where you can only use one word, or a round where you can only make noises that aren’t words.
  4. Talent show – Put on a show and let everyone see what special hidden talents you have. Sing a song, dance, play an instrument, recite a poem or anything else you have up your sleeve!
  5. Go birdwatching – Choose a few birds that frequent the areas where you live, and make a list of the ones you want to find. You could even have a competition with your friends and try to find them all first!

Need more ideas for socially distanced activities? Give the Vibrant Life director here at Meadow Oaks a call!